Hayley Williams Opens Up About Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins’ Influence On Paramore

Hayley Williams Opens Up About Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins’ Influence On Paramore

In a recent episode of her podcast series, “Everything Is Emo,” Hayley Williams opened up about Foo Fighters and the band’s late drummer Taylor Hawkins‘ impact on Paramore.

Williams said Foo Fighters were “such an important band to Paramore,” and were often referenced when writing songs. “I think any band that puts a lot of emphasis on drums – which, the three of us all played drums so it’s a very important aspect of our songwriting – you have to think about Foo Fighters,” she said.

Williams also recalled an incident when drummer Zac Farro needed a drum kit during one of Paramore’s live shows on their first tour.

“A friend that lived in town lent him a drum kit which he ultimately gave to him and it belonged to Taylor Hawkins first,” Williams shared. “The fact that somehow Zac ended up with Taylor’s kit for our first shows, our first tours – it’s like we stole a blessing from Taylor Hawkins. It’s like we took it as him saying, ‘Yes, go for it and continue.'”

She added, “I think about Taylor Hawkins a lot when I just think about Zac’s playing, and I don’t want to center myself or Paramore in the conversation around Taylor Hawkins’ death, but it’s just to say that he meant a lot to so many people and there’s so many stories I’m sure we’ve yet to hear about him. Things that he’s done for people, ways that he touched people’s lives.”

Williams shared that “as a music fan and as a Foo Fighters fan, I love what he did for Dave Grohl,” before referring to Foo Fighters’ 1999 album, There Is Nothing Left to Lose, the first album Hawkins played for the band.

“You can hear such a difference. I think it brought out something in Dave’s voice and the way that he wrote,” she said.

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