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These Trump pardons spell the biggest threat

As has been well documented by now, former President Donald Trump always treated the presidential pardon power like it was a personal gift rather than a constitutional power afforded to the office he held.MORE

Biden’s inaugural speech got it exactly right

Words matter, and on Wednesday Joe Biden faced the first challenge of what will surely be a challenging presidency. His inaugural address arrived in the wake of a tempestuous, bitter presidency that has left the nation miserably divided, with over 400,000 dead from an out-of-control pandemic, with jobs declining, and with democracy itself having recently…MORE

Now America can inspire the world again

The January 6 storming of the US Capitol shocked millions of people outside America to the core. When watching the sickening pictures of the “insurrection,” I was thinking back to August 2018. America was bidding its final farewell to Sen. John McCain. Political leaders, Republicans and Democrats — they came together as Americans to send…MORE