Ross Turner

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If I’ve done one thing in my life, I’ve moved around. The bulk of my family is from Long Island, NY where I lived till the age of 12, until we moved to Tampa. After my parents split I moved with my mother to rural Atlanta where I went to high school and learned about muddin’ and Hank Williams. After graduation I moved back to New York and became a HVAC mechanic for 6 years until I thought, “they told me I could be anything in life, and I want to be a radio DJ,” so boom! I moved back to Atlanta , enrolled in school to get a degree in journalism at Kennesaw State University, and pursued a career in radio.

When I’m off the clock I play guitar with friends to keep my chops up, do stand up comedy around town at the P&H or Snaps Comedy Club, and eat cheeseburgers. I love to exercise by biking, running, and lifting weights. I have a bunch of tattoos that I love but my mother hates. I spend most of my money on food and rent but when I do find some cash I spend it on beers at a live comedy/music/anything show with some good people.

I treat music like a buffet, try it all. I love discovering new music by amazing new artists like Tame Impala, Best Coast, and Cage the Elephant, but my bread and butter is definitely rock and punk: Clutch, The Sword, NOFX, The Bronx, Pixies, Weezer, Ramones, Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones. I love going to music festivals to check out new artists and retreat from reality for a weekend. I cried twice when I saw Paul McCartney and I got drunk as hell when I saw Billy Joel.

Respect your father, call your mother, and brush your teeth.