Danni Bruns and her husband, both Memphis natives, raise 2 girls and are fortunate to have help from all 4 grandparents, and all are big University of Memphis supporters.  As a kid, Danni had her heart set on being a newscaster or a stand up comedian.  She took a stab at both, but her ultimate goal was to somehow inform people with a smile and sometimes a laugh, but make difference while doing it.

    Somewhat falling into radio, Danni found a passion for it. She has always loved music, but she really enjoys the business side of radio as well as the charitable opportunities she has been given.  She puts effort into the Ronald McDonald House Radiothon that is unimaginable and volunteers her time to other charities that is close to impossible.  The day she met Steven Tyler is the day Danni made sense of her childhood dream.  In 20 years of rock radio she didn’t meet the lead singer of Aerosmith backstage at a concert, rather they met at Youth Villages, a nonprofit that supoorts troubled youth and families, during a ribbon-cutting for one of Tyler’s homes he has built for abused girls on the campus.

    Not everyone is given the chance to be a famous rockstar like Steven Tyler or even a local DJ like Danni, but that day she realized they were both given a voice that can make a difference with a smile and sometimes even a laugh.  She strives to achieve her ultimate goal daily and continues to help others achieve theirs.