Chris Jarman

Chris Jarman marches to the beat of his own drum.  It all started when he was drum major at West Memphis High School and then he marched his way to the 2 most famous streets in Memphis, Elvis Presley Boulevard and Beale Street.  It isn’t a coincidence Jarman’s love for music brought him to these iconic music landmarks, it was his passion.  He worked security while at Graceland and worked in rock radio while on Beale.  Since kindergarten he knew he always wanted to be on the microphone, but it was his experiences along the way that taught him why.

Chris Jarman soon realized it’s not the passion of being on the radio he lives for; it’s everyone he can help along the way. With 30 years of working with The Ronald McDonald House of Memphis, his involvement with The American Cancer Society and dressing up in women’s lingerie to support of Breast Cancer Awareness, it’s the beat of his heart that keeps him marching. He is the emcee for countless charity outfits and still bleeds his West Memphis Blue by volunteering his time with music, announcements or special appearances.  Not only does the community fall in line with Jarman’s efforts, but they tune in everyday to hear the guy that is just like them.

No more, no less, just an average guy trying to do his best.  Chris Jarman does march to his own beat, but it’s a beat we all love to hear.

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